Happy new year

What a year 2016 was for me :) I turned 40! i spent a total of 3 months gigging and working in the USA, and hundreds of gigs all over the planet from Australia and New Zealand to Ireland and the USA.

Im very excited about 2017. I plan to do many things this year that I've been trying to do for a long time. I want to release more original music and videos. Maybe 1 song per month if i can make it happen! I want to help grow my corporate business Rock & Roll Team Building but most of all i want to have fun.

Hope 2017 is a great year for all my friends and family.


CG x



Cool gig

Looking forward to this full band gig in the famous Brass Monkey Cronulla on July 22nd. You can get your tickets here!

Back in the USA

Really looking forward to going to the USA this weekend to work with Garry Beers & Mike Krompass on Rock & Roll Team building and our band Stadium. Cant wait to get on the ground in LA, Vegas and San Francisco. For more info Check out 

Over the next few weeks we are doing many meetings, showcase gigs to major american corporate clients and a very special gig in San Francisco on Saint Patricks day.

Cannot wait ... bring it on :)

For more infö on both projects please check the sites below 

CG x

2016 is rocking

Its been a busy crazy january... and 2016 is shaping up to be an amazing year.

January began with 3 sold out shows in the iconic Sydney Opera house... The All You Need Is love  shows are something special. To perform the hits of the Beatles with a 30 piece Orchestra and band is something very special. This is the second year we have done these shows in Australia and they are going from strength to strength. As a singer gigs don't get much better.

After the Sydney Shows i flew to LA to begin work on an album for Stadium. Stadium are a band that consists of many players who have performed with some of the biggest names in music.... acts like INXS, U2, Morrissey, Prince and many more. The band was formed by Garry Beers from INXS, Mike Krompass from Smashmouth and myself. We are now 5 songs into our debut album and the music is sounding great. We plan to release some music soon and do some gigs in the USA. please check out

Returning to Australia I was straight into shows with Rock & Roll Teambuilding. In the last few weeks we have done huge shows for major corporate Australian companies in places like The Gold Coast, Sydney and Adelaide. We also did a major showcase in partnership with Swissotel Sydney.. gaining a lot more bookings and major support from corporate media. We plan on bringing the workshop to the USA market in 2016. Im really delighted how the business is building. please visit

Jan finished and feb came with 2 more sold out Beatles shows in Melbourne's hammer hall and 2 more in Adelaide's festival Theatre. Life is good! x

Santa is almost here!

Its really hard to believe Christmas is almost here and 2015 is almost gone.

This year has been pretty busy to say the least but a year that i enjoyed very much, and I'm really looking forward to 2016.

Im just very grateful to everyone that i have worked with and the new friends i met in 2015.. Im surrounded by wonderful world class musicians, Agents, bookers, managers industry peeps, and bless with an amazing family and friends... so from the bottom of my heart i THANK YOU ALL.

I hope that everyone has an amazing peaceful merry Christmas and i hope Santa comes to you all.

God Bless and see you in 2016 with more gigs, more original music, and fun times :)

Ciaran x

Sydney gig this Thursday 3rd Dec

Hi Guys.

Im doing a very cool and free intimate gig this Thursday night in Sydney's Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA Café)

Level 4 Terrace Times - 7pm to 8.30pm


check it out here


Hope you can make it

CG :)

Important gig this Saturday in Sydney

Hi People,

Im just back from a lovely family holiday and batteries are now fully charged!.

Im really happy to be doing a special gig this Saturday in the Bridge hotel in Rozelle (Sydney).

There will be many guest performers on the night and there will also be an auction.

All proceeds from the gig will go to a very special boy who needs help with medical bills.

I really hope you guys can come out and support such a wonderful cause.

If you can't make the gig, You can also make donations at the link.

Thanks for your support.


Great gig in Santa Monica this saturday night

Hi Friends in LA.

There is a very special Gig happening in Santa Monica This Sat 14th NOV. Garry Beers from INXS and a few other music friends are doing a gig which has a few big name guest performers. Hope you can make it... and all proceeds go to an amazing charity... please speed the word. 


1700 Oceanfront Ave Santa monica.

Wonderful Gig on sunday past

I had the pleasure of performing at the Irish Australian fundraising event in Sydney on Sunday past. An amazing event that raises money for irish and Australian charity projects.

It was amazing to share the stage with members of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and my old mate Mark oats on fiddle.


Intimate gig next sunday the 25th NOV

Il be trying out some new songs at an intimate gig next Sunday in Campbelltown just outside Sydney.

The gig which is having its 4th birthday takes part in a couples living room and there are 3 other performers.


for more info on tickets please go to or email

Its a 4pm kick off.


CG x

Gig this friday night in Sydney

Looking forward to gigging with these guys tomorrow night at the Bull and Bush hotel Baulkham hills. for more info and tickets see below.

Ill be onstage at 9 45pm with Lindsay on fiddle :)

Juggling and wearing many hats

I can't believe its Oct!... where has most of 2015 went?

Over the past few months I've been wearing many hats and Juggling a few balls! and thankfully I'm still sane :)

I'm delighted to be working with Nicole White on a business that i started called 'Rock & Roll Team Building' Nicole has had many years experience in the Australian corporate market and we are having great feedback on the product and its continue to build... you can check out more at the site

I'm also very happy to be working with a super-group based in LA. As it stands the players in this band have played with acts such as U2, Aerosmith, INXS, Prince, Sting, and many many more. We have just landed Doug Goldstein as the bands management. Doug is a great guy who was the manager of Guns & Roses for years... so I'm delighted to be working with him. The band will be doing gigs in the USA corporate market, but we also will be working on original material and plan to release music down the line.. watch this space for more info.

Apart from countless gigs that i have done this year and many more on the horizon I'm also delighted to let you know that The Beatles show that i was involved in at the start of the year is making a comeback to the Sydney Opera house!... and it is also doing other shows around Australia. This is a dream gig.. A huge orchestra with a great band playing the hits of the Beatles in wonderful sold out venues in Australia... Life is good.

for more info on the shows please check out these links

Video :

Andthe website link is

Facebook page is


CG x




Busy busy... & Busy

Been keeping a few balls in the air and wearing a few different hats recently.

Started a new business called Rock & Roll Team building which has had so much positive feedback in the corporate market in Aus and NZ.

Im also writing new material for the LA based  supergroup that I'm proud to be involved with... the band is currently called The restless Vagabonds but we are changing the name ... so watch this space for a new video on the band and some original music.

Apart for the above I've been busy in the studio trying to get my own original music together...  it was great to work with my old mate Michael Keeney who is a great producer/musician... and I'm delighted on how its all sounding. 


Bye for now!




Im delighted to announce that i have formed a supergroup called the Restless Vagabonds. (working title)

The Band will consist of great players who have performed with world class acts such as Aerosmith, U2, Prince, Spinal Tap, Sting, INXS and many more.

CG ;)