Hi Everyone

I'm very happy and excited to be launching my new website.

Its been an amazing couple of years working with INXS and i have enjoyed the 50 plus live shows as the singer of this amazing Australian band.

I got to perform in Great venues all over the world from Peru and Argentina to Europe, Australia and new Zealand.

Although the band have announced that they will not be touring in the future I remain great friends with the members of INXS and hope to work with all the guys in the future, and wish them nothing but good luck in everything they do.

Im very excited about moving on with my own solo career.
I look forward to releasing my own music, playing gigs, co writing with other artists and writing music for the movies and TV.

Every now and then i will be writing blogs about what I'm doing in my life and career so if you would like to know more you can keep an eye on this site or please sign up to my mailing list for updates.

I would like to finish with saying that i am very grateful for overwhelming amount of support i have received over years from friends/fans my manager Bob Young and especially my family and beautiful wife Donna.

Im a very fortunate man to be working on music for a living and although i feel proud in what i have done a lot in my career so far, i really feel that I'm only starting out and i am looking to the future with positivity.


CG x