The City of Angels

Los Angeles is the centre of the music TV and Movie industry.

With my London based manager Bob Young we have set off on a flying bird to the city of Angeles to meet some great people in the industry and see if we can find partners to work with.

There are many things i love about LA… but as a working musician my favourite thing is the positivity that there is around this great city.

A lot of the greatest songwriters live and work here and there is a great work ethic and willing to collaborate in industry and artists… I just love the 'Can Do' attitude.

So for 5 solid days Bob and i did back to back meetings with high end music publishers, music supervisors for movies, Fantastic songwriters and we even had time for a little gig i the Sony pictures lot in front of an audience of industry movers and shakers.

The point in this trip is to find collaborators that i can work with, and i have to say it was one of the most amazing 5 days i have experienced in a long time.

I am certain the friends we meet here this week will play a big role in where i go next with my music…

Time will tell!