Better Late than Never!

Its been a long time since i posted a blog on this website... Id love to tell you that i had a very exotic reason why its taken so long... but alas, i won't lie... I'm just a busy guy :)

I will start this Blog by saying that I'm very excited about the next chapter in my career.

My long term manager Bob Young and i have been doing a lot of ground work over the past year, with business all over the world, and it really feels as if the hard work is starting to pay off.

Since i stopped touring with INXS, i had the great pleasure of doing my first solo gig at Rock in Rio, we have had 2 very successful business trip to Los Angeles.. and I've had the honour of watching the legend Al Pacino sing a song that i co wrote in his next movie 'Danny Collins'. (due out in 2014)

Over the past year i have made many new friends in music, and have done literally hundreds of gigs from Rio to Donegal to Darwin and there has never been a dull moment.

Im also very happy to report that i have done a few gigs of a very different kind, as a motivational speaker at business conferences in Australia. This is something that i never dreamt of doing but I'm thankful i have tried it and delighted to say that I'm now being represented by Australia's premier Speaking bureau Saxtons, and the UK's premier speaking agency Celebrity speakers.

This year i will be releasing new music under my own name, along with 6 new music videos. And i will be working with other projects, from songwriting for established artists to music for TV and movies.

Im going to finish buy saying that i have some wonderful news that i will share in my next post, which will happen very soon!

Whats this space! CG :)