Juggling and wearing many hats

I can't believe its Oct!... where has most of 2015 went?

Over the past few months I've been wearing many hats and Juggling a few balls! and thankfully I'm still sane :)

I'm delighted to be working with Nicole White on a business that i started called 'Rock & Roll Team Building' Nicole has had many years experience in the Australian corporate market and we are having great feedback on the product and its continue to build... you can check out more at the site

I'm also very happy to be working with a super-group based in LA. As it stands the players in this band have played with acts such as U2, Aerosmith, INXS, Prince, Sting, and many many more. We have just landed Doug Goldstein as the bands management. Doug is a great guy who was the manager of Guns & Roses for years... so I'm delighted to be working with him. The band will be doing gigs in the USA corporate market, but we also will be working on original material and plan to release music down the line.. watch this space for more info.

Apart from countless gigs that i have done this year and many more on the horizon I'm also delighted to let you know that The Beatles show that i was involved in at the start of the year is making a comeback to the Sydney Opera house!... and it is also doing other shows around Australia. This is a dream gig.. A huge orchestra with a great band playing the hits of the Beatles in wonderful sold out venues in Australia... Life is good.

for more info on the shows please check out these links

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CG x