Let's Change the World - New Song and Video!

It's hard to believe January 2017 is gone and what an eventful month it was for the world.  Today, I'm releasing a new song called "Let's Change The World".  

I wrote this song a few years ago with Francis Rossi and Bob Young from the legendary rock band Status Quo.  I haven't gotten round to releasing it until now.

I've just returned home to my family from gigs in California and it was very interesting to be in America for the Presidential inauguration. I was also in San Francisco to see tens of thousands of Americans march on the streets demanding change.  It's pretty obvious that the world is changing quickly for everyone so I think now is an apt time for me to release a song with a positive message. 

I don't buy into all the divisiveness that's everywhere today.  We all have way more in common than our differences. It's easy to see that the world is lacking in great leaders with strong positive messages but, I'm confident in humanity and believe things can change for the better. If you go back far enough in time we are all from the same clan. A time before borders, or flags, or institutional control.

It's easy to be negative when thinking about the worlds problems. However, when good people come together and there is a will for positive change then anything is possible.  I'm excited for the young leaders that now have a voice. I'm excited also for the future or art and music that I know can inspire a new generation to fight against all that is wrong in the world.

This song was co produced with my great friend Michael Keeney from the hills of Donegal and the video was made by another good friend, Darren Lee from Belfast.

A special word of thanks to the beautiful dancers in this video from the Illawarra region of NSW Australia.

I hope you like it!