No rest for the music!

I had a great weekend of gigs in Canberra... and a great gig on Monday night at the state theatre in Sydney. Been writing with mr Greg Agar again and looking forward to going into Murray Sheridan's  studio tomorrow in the Blue Mountains. Happy days :)

2 Gigs in Canberra this weekend

Hi Guys, 

Really looking forward to gigging twice in Canberra this weekend... 

Tonight we headline the Tuggeranong festival and tomorrow is a special gig for a very special child.


Feature in todays Canberra Times. Hope some of you guys can make the show :)


I'm so excited to be a part of the All You Need Is Love gigs in January........

All You Need Is LOVE ◆ Sydney Opera House January 2015

♡ #AllYouNeedIsLOVE and... #TheBeatles! ♡

Come celebrate the songs that captured a generation with Jack Jones, Ciaran GribbinDarren PercivalJackson Thomas and the #StrawberryFields ROCK-orchestra. 

LIVE for THREE NIGHTS ONLY! ◆ 2 - 4 January 2015 ◆ Sydney Opera House. Don't miss out - BOOK TODAY ❥❥


Songwriting in LA LA land

Im Just back in Sydney after spending almost 3 weeks songwriting in Los Angeles.

What a Trip!.. I met and worked with so many top songwriters and people in the LA music industry... and thankfully i have 9 new songs to show for it... more importantly i made loads of great new friends.

A lot of these new songs will be pitched to up and coming artists, and some will become part of projects that I'm involved in for TV and Movies etc.

Over the past few months I've been working closely the lovely peeps at ASCAP in LA, with my manager Bob Young, and everyone at Polar Music/Kobalt publishing and i want to these guys for making many doors open for me on this trip... the first of many!

I will keep you posted as these songs are finding homes.

CG x


Amazing gig last night

It was such an amazing gig last night at the Variety ball in Sydney. Over 800 people got fed and watered and danced to every song... but more importantly these wonderful people raised bucket loads of cash for an amazing charity. It was a privilege to perform at the event in front of so many great people from all over Australia.

New songs big gigs and a little bit of acting

Over the past few weeks i have been working on a few different projects with some very talented people.

Recently there have been too many great gigs to mention but one of the highlights has been doing a Rock and Roll team building event for the good people at Publicis Mojo on the Gold Coast. Thankfully it was caught on video and i look forward to seeing it from a different perspective and having another laugh at the great contributors.

Ive had the pleasure of working with Peter Northcote and legendary songwriter Les Gock on music for a very cool Australian TV advert.

Ive also been working with Greg Agar and the great Aussie drummer Gordon Rytmeister on music for an Irish TV advert. 

Im also happy to say i tried my hand at some acting that a friend of mine is directing.. its early days so i can't let you know to much about it but it was fun... although I'm not sure the acting life is for me :)

Finally, my management team and i are putting together the final touches to a songwriting trip in Los Angeles in September. I cannot wait to get started working with these amazing writers.

Cheers CG :)



The Who Shows come to an end

They say all good things come to an end... and maybe this is true?

I can say that the shows we have been doing recently in and around sydney marking the 5oth Anniversary of 'The Who' have been so much fun. thanks to everyone at Empire Touring and the great band and my fellow singers Steve Balbi and Simon Meli. Until the next time :)


Big Birthday News Today!

I am very happy to announce that I have just signed a music publishing deal with Polar Patrol Publishing.

The company is owned by my mates at Snow Patrol and I am really delighted to become part of the Polar family.

 As a songwriter I have waited a long time to find the right home for my music and I am very confident that the team at Polar Patrol is the right place for me.

 I am very excited about the future and cant wait to start working on new  projects with Polar.

 2014 is shaping up to be a great year and I want to personally thank my Manager Bob Young who has been with me through many ups and downs over the years.

 I especially want to thank my wife Donna and my amazing family and friends.

 Lastly, I want to thank everyone who has ever bought my music, or came to support me at the countless gigs over the years.. I am very grateful for your continued support… THANK YOU ALL!

 Love CG x

Better Late than Never!

Its been a long time since i posted a blog on this website... Id love to tell you that i had a very exotic reason why its taken so long... but alas, i won't lie... I'm just a busy guy :)

I will start this Blog by saying that I'm very excited about the next chapter in my career.

My long term manager Bob Young and i have been doing a lot of ground work over the past year, with business all over the world, and it really feels as if the hard work is starting to pay off.

Since i stopped touring with INXS, i had the great pleasure of doing my first solo gig at Rock in Rio, we have had 2 very successful business trip to Los Angeles.. and I've had the honour of watching the legend Al Pacino sing a song that i co wrote in his next movie 'Danny Collins'. (due out in 2014)

Over the past year i have made many new friends in music, and have done literally hundreds of gigs from Rio to Donegal to Darwin and there has never been a dull moment.

Im also very happy to report that i have done a few gigs of a very different kind, as a motivational speaker at business conferences in Australia. This is something that i never dreamt of doing but I'm thankful i have tried it and delighted to say that I'm now being represented by Australia's premier Speaking bureau Saxtons, and the UK's premier speaking agency Celebrity speakers.

This year i will be releasing new music under my own name, along with 6 new music videos. And i will be working with other projects, from songwriting for established artists to music for TV and movies.

Im going to finish buy saying that i have some wonderful news that i will share in my next post, which will happen very soon!

Whats this space! CG :)


Adelaide and Port Lincoln

This morning i flew to Adelaide and did an interview on the Rock and roll Triple M with the Aussie legend Dave Gleeson. It was great to meet Dave again and perform to live acoustic tracks on his show. The show will be broadcast sometime on the week the9th Sept.. i will post the link when its out there.

From Adelaide i flew to Port Lincoln in South Australia to be part of an event for a great company called Bernie Lewis. I was a guest speaker at the event and although i was slightly out of my comfort zone i really enjoyed telling my story and performing for a great audience.