I wrote the song about 10 years ago and performed it live many times so it feels great to finally release this song.  It was inspired by a story my mother told me about growing up as a young girl in 1960’s Northern Ireland. It was a time of innocence, simplicity and happiness.

The video was shot in Australia 3 years ago and stars my amazing son James and beautiful wife Donna.

Written and performed by Ciaran Gribbin. Produced by Michael Keeney and Ciaran Gribbin. Video production by Darren Lee. Copyright control

This song was written a few years ago with Francis Rossi and Bob Young from the legendary rock band Status Quo. The song was co- produced with my great friend Michael Keeney from the hills of Donegal, and the video was made by another good friend Darren Lee from Belfast.

My Killer my King.  Written by Ciaran Gribbin and Johnny McDaid from Snow Patrol.  

All rights reserved.

Who am I?  Written and performed by Ciaran Gribbin.

All rights reserved.